iPhone App Store Reviews

Apple Remote

This application was made by Apple. You can control any iTunes library on your network (after authorizing once). If you have speakers attached to an AirPort Express, you can play from your computer to the speakers. Beautiful, simple, and straightforward to use (works just like iPod controls). Next request: streaming from your library to your iPhone.

Cost: Free

Verdict: Must Have (for people with speakers attached to their computer)

Cube Runner

Simple, free game that is somewhat addictive. You are navigating through cubes in a field by tilting your iPhone left and right. Try it once. Best silent, free iPhone game I've found so far.

Cost: Free

Verdict: Try It (for killing small bursts of time)


I love Facebook's iPhone app. It's smooth and feature rich:

Cost: Free

Verdict: Must Have (for Facebook users)


Movies.app allows you lookup movie times, reviews, and trailers. I love the web-based version, so having a stable, installed version is a huge plus.

Cost: Free

Verdict: Must Have (for movie-goers)

New York Times

I try to visit the frontpage of the N.Y. Times daily, but unfortunately I more often hit Digg. I think having this app will help me to improve my ratio. You can customize which newspaper sections you read (go to 'more', 'edit', and then drag icons to the iPhone dock).

Warning: be patient with the images loading. I'm sure this will improve in the future.

Cost: Free

Verdict: Must Have (for everyone)


It makes your phone sound like a light-saber as you wave it around. Creative, but not particularly useful. So, perhaps add it once, play for two minutes, and uninstall if you get bored.

Cost: Free

Verdict: Eh (maybe once)


WeatherBug shows you all of the weather information that you'd get from the regular Weather app, as well as radar! I was skeptical about trying this, since I never liked the desktop version of their software. However, this works great! It provides the features I'd want out of a weather app, without going overboard.

Cost: Free

Verdict: Must Have (for everyone)