iPhone Grid Game

Introducing what could be the silliest iPhone "application," Grid Game. Now that iPhone (and iPod Touch) users can move icons on the home screen, why not make a game out of the 4x4 wiggling icons? Some example uses of this are image puzzles, magic squares, and simulated backgrounds (girlfriend, family, pets, car, etc). Above is a video of this application, and below are two examples.

Sample Grid Games

Sample 1: The Statue of Liberty Puzzle

Statue of Liberty Puzzle

Remember those cheap little 4x4 puzzles that formed an image? The objective was to move the little squares, one by one, until the correct image is formed. On the plastic version, one square would be missing, and the challenge was that you could only move into the vacant spot. On the iPhone version, there are no missing squares, and the challenge is that moving one of the top squares would mean all others shift over.

Sample 2: 4x4 Magic Squares

4x4 Magic Squares

Classic magic squares puzzle. Make every row, column, and diagonal sum to 34. As an added challenge, everytime you move on of the upper icons, every icon below it will slide over. Spoiler! One solution is shown by highlighting the following text: 1-15-14-4 / 12-6-7-9 / 8-10-11-5 / 13-3-2-16. Some explanation is provided here, courtesy of Mazes.com.